Marking out stints at the start of the day

Marking out stints at the start of the day

Otley and Yorkshire Dales Competition  (2016)

Many branches of the Branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) hold open competitions each year.

As I was sort of passing on my way up to Cumbria for the advanced course days at HQ in Crooklands I thought I would have a go at the Otley & Yorkshire Dales open day.  The first time I have tried a competition.  It was an early start with stripping down starting at 9am. There was a a good turnout with about 14 competitors split into two classes (Professionals / Intermediates).

It's not like the stone down in the Dorset area, it was more solid and in bigger lumps generally. It took most the day to get the wall back up, but I finished my stint by about 3:30 and got my completion money.  

I want to do more competitions as it's very good experience and you get to work with different stone types.  

My stint (between the pegs) before I started.

View from the other side at the end. 

The guy on the right is just finishing putting his copes on.

My copes were not great to start with.