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Dry stone walling links


  • Cotswold Stone Walling (3.42 MP3):  A short interview done in the 1970 with Edward and Cyril Pearce. 
    This is a classic of a interviewer failing to draw out almost any conversation from, what seems like, two reluctant talkers and then resorting to having to say it all herself!


  • Dry Stone Walling - a practical handbook by The Conservation Volunteers. (1999)
    The biggest coverage I have seen so far. 

  • Beyond the Fell Wall by Richard Skelton. (2015)
    A little book of thoughts and poems inspired by a Cumbrian valley and the dry stone walls in it. Quite charming.

  • A guide to Dry Stone Walling by Andy Radford. (2001)

  • Dry Stone Walls by Lawrence Garner (1984) Shire Album 114 ISBN 0 85263 666 0
    A short booklet, but covers the basics and a several regional styles.